Bill Jungels   Documentary video & photography


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LA LUCHA: a zigzag path to commitment

An exhibition of photography, installations and video documentary by Bill Jungels

Opening Septemebr 26, 2015   6-10 PM

Casa de Arte • 141 Elmwood • Buffalo, New York

David and Rosa with their children

The Harvest that David laid out for us to see

Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico, 2015

The end of Carnival

Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico

Chenango Street, Buffalo, 197?

Body of Land  1973

Pittsburgh, The Hill, Summer 1968

La Lucha means the struggle. The focus of this exhibit will be on works that document a growing commitment in my work to issues of social and economic justice, ultimately among campesinos and indigenous peoples in Mexico.


I have explored many paths in photography and documentary work, but since the 80s I have been progressively committed to documenting issues related to social justice in the context of long term commitment to all aspects of particular communities involved in struggle, especially in Mexico. This exhibit will draw on some of the paths I have wandered, but tracing a trajectory towards present commitments.


A central installation, a multimedia Day of the Dead altar or ofrenda will be dedicated to a summoning of the spirits of the thousands of undocumented workers who have died trying to cross into the U.S. at the southern border. This installation will feature a desert, traditional offerings and video of a simple Day of the Dead ceremony among Tzotzil Maya friends in Chiapas inter-cut with testimony from some who have crossed or tried to cross the desert into el norte.


Selected still images will highlight a current documentary in progress (co-produced with anthropologist Christine Eber) focusing on the manifold ways in which young Mayans are defining and redefining Maya identity and resisting allied government and corporate global forces that seek to commodify them into a homogenized Mexican labor force at the disposal of world capital.